The Top Food Items That You Should Never Let Your Dog Eat


Are you worried about your dog eating food items that may actually cause seriously health problems for them? Well you’re not the only one, and that’s because there are plenty of pet owners out there today that have the same worries as you. Now the best course of action for that, is to start doing research about the food items that you should never let your dog eat. Below are examples of these food items, and why they can be harmful to your pet dog.

Chocolates are at the very top of the list, and almost everyone has heard about how dangerous it is for dogs to eat this tasty human treat. The thing about chocolate is that it contains theobromine which isn’t really harmful to humans, but can be very toxic for your pet dogs. Although this can be found in all types of chocolates, it is especially strong in baking and dark chocolate varieties.

Food items that are high in salt, is another example of foods that you never want your dog to eat. This is because can cause a lot of problems for your dog like dehydration, high body temperatures, and seizures, all of which can be fatal for your pet. In minimal amounts though, it’s not going to be that dangerous, but there is really no reason why you should risk it.  Check out PawCastle for the right dog food.

Last but not the least, fatty meats like bacon, yes you heard me right with that one. A lot of people would be surprised with this one, but it is actually very true. Fatty meats like bacon for instance, can cause dogs to develop a problem known as pancreatitis. In addition to that, most fatty meats also have high salt content, and you already know at this point that means trouble for your pet as well.

Overall, being aware of what food items are safe to feed your pets, is important for any pet owner that wants to be responsible. After all, you don’t want to see your dog eating something that can eventually cause dangerous health problems for him or her. So with that being said, take the time to learn more about such matters, and that’s so you can become a more responsible dog owner. You can start by visiting your vet, and asking for some guidance about the diet that you should follow for your pet. Know what can my dogs eat?


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